The 501st Legion cloned by expert Kaminoan scientists, the troopers were given top-notch training in many fields, as they were designed to be the ultimate soldiers. Members of the 501st Legion fought in the Grand Army of the Republic against theConfederacy of Independent Systems in the First Battle of Geonosis, the opening battle of the Clone Wars, in 22 BBY. By the year 21 BBY, Supreme Chancellor Palpatine had founded the 501st Legion by moving a number of clonesto a secret location on Coruscant known only to the Chancellor's most trusted advisers, far away from the normal training center on the planet Kamino. These clones were given special training by Palpatine's command staff to make the 501st the most feared legion in the galaxy. Some members of the legion would be covertly transferred to other units; however, they were tracked to ensure that they would be available in the future if they were ever needed for any special assignments, as Palpatine suspected they would be.